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Mar 25, 2009

Grandma's Daddy

By Nicolle:
My Mom has gray hair. Clara calls her "Gi-Gi." Whenever she sees someone with gray hair, she points at them and says, "Gi-Gi." Also, whenever we see someone who looks around the same age as her grandparents- male or female- (but without gray hair), she points and says, "Grandma." She isn't subtle about this, by the way, and some people might think it rude. Well, today she saw an elderly man (probably in his 80's). She pointed and shouted "Grandma's Daddy." Hilarious.


The Lindsay Family said...

LOL! That is too funny! Clara is getting so big!! How are you feeling these days???

Chris and Karen said...

That is so funny. Gotta love the comments they make

Anonymous said...

I love this! She's so uninhibited and seems to have the generation thing figured out. Are you afraid to go anywhere with Clara? Who knows what she may say!

Natalie said...

Clara is so funny! What a cute girl.

Shelley said...

clara funny!