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Mar 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

On Monday, Greensboro got a massive winter storm. School was canceled for a month, Roofs caved in due to the weight of the giant snowfall, Doors could not open because of the snow blocking the doors and Greg's job had a two hour delay (I didn't know work had 2 hour delays, I thought that was just school). Greensboro received 5 huge, mind blowing, crippling INCHES of snow.
Being from New York, when I hear Snowstorm, I imagine measurement in feet, not inches so when the normal NC Winter Storm Warning comes up, I get excited until I hear that 1 inch may be possible. This was the most it has snowed since we have lived in NC.

Clara had a blast in the snow.
She got to go sledding for the first time.

She did some snow angels with her Dad

She even got to hang out with a snowman and sing the Snowman song.
She was sad however, because she was unable to get to class due to her car being snowed in.

Overall we had lots of fun and by Thursday it was in the 60's and all the snow was gone.


Chris and Karen said...

how fun. I love seeing photos of snow. It makes me sad because we don't get any then I pause and am grateful that we can "go play" in the snow about an hour away. Love the snow man. Clara did a great job

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

The sad thing about getting snow days here is the fact that we are never prepared to play in it- I wanted to go sledding with Max but we didn't have a sled. And the only reason he has a hat and mittens is because my grandmother gave them to him for Christmas when he was a year old (which means they barely fit him). But we managed to have fun anyway- and it looks like Clara did too!

Kari said...

How cute the pictures of her trying to get in the car. I am glad that Clara had fun. My personal favorite are the 2 snow angels!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Too bad about Clara's car. She looks very disappointed. You're kidding about school being out for a month-right? Mom/Dianne

Natalie said...

Your house looks so beautiful in the snow! And I love that picture of Clara and Greg making snow angels so cute!

Mike said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast in the snow. Our holidays up in WA were great for us too...hope you're feeling well still & that things are going right along great. Take care of Greg for me...I know how March Madness 'Selection Sunday' is in just a couple of days & he's sure to get a little crazy & side-tracked. (I am too!) hahaha