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Nov 3, 2009


We had a little party at our house. Clara asked everyone who walked in the door "What do you look like?" (What is your costume).

It was too dark to get a good video, but I want to always remember how adorable these kids looked running up the street in their costumes, holding their pumpkins/treat bags, unable to contain their excitement about trick-or-treating.

This week, whenever somone asked Clara what she would be for Halloween she would say. "I'm gonna be like Annie, and Daddy's gonna be Daddy Warbucks, and Mommy's gonna be Miss Hanna again" (Miss Hannigan). I love how she almost gets the definition of new words right.

Here is some of the food and decor. The "bones and blood" won the spookiest food contest.

Family portraits

Clara also had a party at preschool. I made these place settings and we all made special food and treats.

Lunch was last on the schedule, but Clara kept running to the table and trying to start lunch, because she was so excited about the special meal. However, when it was finally time and we laid out all of the food (jack-o-lantern pizza, witch's broom pretzels, witch's fingers cheese sticks, and apple monsters), she said, "Mommy I can't eat Halloween, it is too scary." How ironic that we spent all this extra time making it, then had to disassemble it to make it look like the normal food so she would eat it. Ha, ha.
And last, but not least. Here are Annie and Daddy Warbucks performing a special song. (Greg and Clara have been singing this song, but we didn't plan any of these actions or dancing. Uh-oh, this girl is a performer!)


Amber said...

Oh, so fun. I'm sorry we didn't get to go to your awesome Halloween party. We stayed at home and coughed on each other instead.

carrie said...

she is such a cute little performer! looks like the party was a good time!

Natalie said...

The party was awesome and how creative are those kiddies food for their preschool party? You guys are da best.

A Hunter said...

I LOVE IT!!! I love her little voice! Musicals and little girls, I think they go together perfectly!

Sawyers Family said...

I love her impromptu dancing! So cute!
And for someone who claims not to be crafty...those place settings looked pretty crafty to me!