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Oct 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Clara asked to be "Dr. Witch" this year, from this cute story we checked out from the library. "Dr. Witch" is a veterinarian who helps sick animals in the forest, then goes to a witches' and wizards' ball and eats lots of chocolate cake. I also found a witch costume for SJ at a consignment store... (best $5 I've ever spent)!

We made the most of this fun holiday be stretching it out over several days.

Tuesday -preschool Halloween party: I taught the music portion, complete with classics such as Have You Seen the Ghost of Tom, Chickamy Chimckamy Craney Crow, Fly Little Bats, and There was an Old Woman All Skin and Bones

Friday: church Fall Festival and Chili Cookoff (Clara asked Greg to dress up as a wizard to go along with her Dr. witch costume... photos of his hilarious costume to come).
Saturday: I somehow conned by best girlfriend, Trinity, into hosting a big Halloween party for a bunch of Clara's friends. Burlinton held their trick-or-treat on Saturday night, and since we preferred that to Sunday, it worked out perfectly. These girls were professional (and adorable) trick-or-treaters.

Sunday: Greg and the girls had a blast handing out candy. Clara was hilarious... she shouted from the porch "Hey everyone, we have CANDY!!!" She would talk to the trick-or-treaters for as long as she could get them to stay. "What are you dressed up like? Oh! Next year, could you be a beautiful Princess Frostine?!?"

Until next year!


Sawyers Family said...

I love the witch costumes! Looks like your kids had a blast!!

shelley said...

four things:

1) i am stealing the clear pics of shaelyn you managed to capture. they beat anything i have from halloween this year. :(

2) thank you thank you thank you for conning trinity! that was such a great party and shaelyn was so happy to have a chance to trick or treat.

3) i'm glad i updated shaelyn's mouse ears. the first set now just looks so sad.

4) that last picture of your girls is the cutest thing i have ever seen. it's like post-card worthy. blow it up and frame it!

Natalie said...

That last picture is my favorite! They are so adorable. And thanks for inviting us to Burlington! It was so much fun.

carrie said...

LOVE the cute picture of the witches walking away! Adorable!!