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Nov 10, 2010

Sarah-Jane: 15 months

Sarah-Jane is growing up so fast and becoming a busy, busy toddler! At 15 months, she is 31 3/4" tall (75th-90th percentile) and weighs 22 pounds (25th-50th percentile). Her new favorite trick is CLIMBING (anything and everything) and it is keeping me on my toes. Especially since she likes to bounce and dance and do tricks on top of whatever she has climbed. She is very social and friendly, saying "Hey" to everyone we pass. She still loves music and dancing (who doesn't?) and she loves to play outside. Her favorite food is still bananas "na-na" and she is becoming a pickier eater. (I have to hide the bananas from her, because if she sees them she won't eat anything else!) Other likes include copying her big sister and sitting in big people chairs (she asks for help getting into them by saying "Sit? Sit?"). She thinks she likes to read books, but she just flips one page, then closes the book and says "de n" (the end). Just like her big sister, if she wants something, there is no holding her back. We can't get enough of her sweet hugs and kisses. We love her!!!

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Natalie said...

Time sure is flying by! She is sooo cute. I love that she still has some good chunk on her.