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Jan 15, 2012

C's 5th Birthday

C wanted a "Tangled" theme for her party.  Tangled is the Disney movie about Rapunzel that came out last year.

Activities:  painting on the walls
beanbag toss to the tower,
 braid pictionary

Food:  the guests built towers of fruit and cheese.  We also had braided challa bread with cream cheese, and -of course- cake and ice cream.

At the end of the party we released balloons to mimic the lanterns that were launched in the movie.  The children each tagged their balloon with their name and an email address to respond to when their balloon was found.  Then they labled a map where they thought their balloon would land.  (having touble posting this video, but it is super cute to watch their countdown.  check back soon, and hopefully i'll have it up)


Kari said...

I can't believe that she is 5! What a cute party! It is one of my favorite movies!!

Natalie said...

So fun! You are so clever.

My Everythings said...

That looks like such a fun party! I love the muffin/cupcake tower.

krisrunner said...

You give the best parties for your kids and Greg. Hopefully they give you good parties too!