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Oct 14, 2012

almost 6 week old sweetness

Photos by the lovely and talented Toni Walker.  When baby S grows up I will tell her that Ms. Toni saved her from the 3rd child no- baby- picture syndrome.  Photos taken 9/4/12
C and SJ have made up their own nickname for Baby S.  They call her "Silv."  It sounded strange, at first, but now we think it is pretty sweet.

When SJ hears her cry, she comes running... "Don't worry, baby, I'll save you."
Her favorite song to sing to her is "Old MacDonald."
 Often out of nowhere she says to me "Mom!  Silv is bery calm, today!"
 I overheard C trying to comfort her, one time.  "Don't worry, baby, God will bless you." - funny and cute
Baby S's first real smile was for C... S loves the girls, and they love to make her coo and smile.

She is as sweet as can be and we love having her in our family.


Natalie said...

She is too cute! And I love that the girls are such good helpers in trying to save her!

carrie said...

They are such sweet big sisters!