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Oct 14, 2012

other happenings

C and SJ are taking ballet from Ms. Shelley.  Ms. Shelley says Clara is doing really well... who knew that two ungraceful parents could make a child with some talent for dance!?!  
Here is SJ all dressed for her first class.
She likes to practice at home.  "Point-fwex (flex)-point-fwex"

my kitchen helpers

Congrats to Greg on finishing a marathon... 26.2 miles on trails.  It was a crazy day and we were so sorry that we missed his finish, but are proud of him.  Here are the girls giving him a good luck kiss before the race.
 and cheering him on at mile 9


Natalie said...

That last picture is too cute! Way to go Greg!

Karen said...

Love Greg's shirt. Awesome accomplishment. Love the photos of all 3 girls!

carrie said...

Cute helpers, and cheerleaders. Ü Congrats, Greg! Very cool accomplishment!!