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Feb 16, 2013

Happy Valensbirthday

Being in the middle of a move makes our holiday celebrations a little different, but we tried to still make them special.  We had a little valentines party in our room... lunch with heart-shaped raviolis (that no one liked).  :)
 Valentine making..., followed by a Tinkerbell movie (thank you, Netflix)
 Greg's birthday is on the 16th, but decided to swap v-day and his birthday, so on the 14th we went to a trampoline gym.  There were three sections... the one pictured below is all tramps.  Another one was a dodge ball court on tramps, and the third one was tramps leading up to a foam pit.  Of course the girls loved it and Greg got to practice some crazy stunts.  It was the perfect place to celebrate our big 36 year old kid.  We love him.

Greg's kind sister offered to baby-sit tonight so we can go out for Greg's birthday... hopefully she won't mind that we switched our holidays and really this is our Valentines date.

Wish you were here...


My Everythings said...

Wow, that tramp place is CRAZY! It looks perfect for Greg and the big girls. I am glad you guys had a babysitter. You deserve a nice date together. Love you.

Natalie said...

That trampoline place looks awesome and so Greg. Glad you guys are having fun out there! (even if it is without us).

A Mormon Mommy said...

We have one of those trampoline places here, SkyZone Roswell is what it's called! Kevin and I need to go!
Sorry your ravioli didn't turn out, but at the same time I thought, "If nobody likes something Nicolle makes, then I'm okay." since I had two dinners that were complete flops this week and everything you make is super yummy!!