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Feb 16, 2013

hotel living

Are we going crazy living in a hotel, yet, you ask? 
Sometimes its a bit cramped...
But most of the time it is quite nice.  We have a living room/kitchen area plus two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
A big, yummy breakfast every morning, plus dinner 3x's a week (no cooking or dishes for me)

Clara LOVES the "escape room," which has video games
 (This is what Silvie does in the escape room)
 SJ loves pushing the elegator (elevator) buttons and is an expert on which floor houses what.
 We all love the pool
Add the daily maid service (they even do my dishes) and excellent customer service and it is a pretty nice package.  Clara says she never wants to leave... I kind-of agree!


My Everythings said...

The picture of them soundly asleep on each other cracks me up! Hotel living sounds kinda nice.

carrie said...

Cute picture of the girls jumping in the pool!

Love that you guys are making the most of it, but hope the house hunt ends with what you want soon.

Andrea said...

SJ's pose in the pool-jumping pic is adorable!

And you are making hotel living sound VERY attractive. :)

Natalie said...

So much fun! Glad you guys are making the best of it!

Rachel said...

I agree... hotel living is not that bad. We lived in a hotel for 3 months during Michael's training a couple years ago. Our hotel had dinners 3x a week too. We loved being in the hotel even though it was a tiny space. Good memories!