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Oct 21, 2013

My Purple House

For the past year or so, SJ has been talking about her "purple house."  This purple house has just about anything a 4 year old girl could want...  unlimited pets and candy and beautiful dresses.  I often hear her saying, "That's ok, Mom, I have that at my purple house, right?"

All of that pretending must be exhausting...

SJ in the mud at the farm.  She is probably the opposite of a "stick-in-the-mud"

She still has a mischievous side... here is a photo of her haircut.  She was playing Fancy Nancy one day and filling her hair with barrettes and bows.  Little did I know that she was also snipping the sides off of her hair.  Sigh... we were just starting to get a full head of hair on this girl.  Back to square one, I guess.

SJ helped me get out the autumn decorations.  She added lots of thing she found in the garage... training wheels, soccer trophies, pinwheels, and caution tape.

She loves riding her bike (she got rid of the training wheels a few months before her 4th birthday) and doing the monkey bars at the park.  She loves to help... especially in the kitchen and with baby S.  We can't think of anything cuter or sweeter than a 4 year old girl.


Natalie said...

I think the caution tape is perfect for Halloween decorations! She is such a cute little girl. Even if she did cut her own hair :).

My Everythings said...

I love that girl. Her decorations looks splendid....as does her hair cut. :)

shelley said...

I need a purple house. Except mine would always be clean, quiet, and children would not be allowed. And it would have a private chef.

Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

In SJ's defense, Fancy Nancy gives herself a haircut in one of those books, so SJ was only staying true to character. (I'm so glad my girls have never done that. It'd be the end of the world!)