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Nov 1, 2013

Baby S

I've been waiting to post this until it is "complete", but she is changing so fast I better hurry up, finished or not, before it is all outdated!

Baby S at 14 months:
She can take several steps in a row, but still prefers crawling (a funny technique with one leg up like a bear crawl and the other bent underneath her).  When she does walk, she makes this cute sing songy sound "doot-doot" (Sol-do) to matche each step.  She may not walk much, yet, but she sure likes to climb.  Little chairs and the steps/slide at the playground are her favorites.
She is an expert mimic-er... she can match any sound and any pitch.  She loves to copy whatever her big sisters are doing and it is so fun to watch.
She loves to read books.   She'll even read to herself, mumbling a cute little babble while flipping the pages of a book.
She likes to dance whenever she hears music.... a cute move where she bends her elbows, holds them out, and rotates side to side. 
We are working on weaning, and, boy, can this girl EAT.  The majority of our mealtimes are filled with her grunting an d pointing at whatever she sees other people eating and me saying, "didn't I just fill your tray with this a second ago?"

Silvie's words: 
hi, hi there, hey, mama, dada, hot (this is the cutest one, she is very expressive about the danger hot things entail and give a big long "t" at the end), na-nana (banana), night-night, bye-bye, go (she chimes in right on time after hearing 'ready-set'), tickle, there-she-is (when playing peek-a-boo)


Natalie said...

She is such a doll! I miss her.

Michael Alexandre said...

Love the update on Baby S. Wish we could see more of her.