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Dec 15, 2006

The Biggest Name Dropper is ???

In order to avoid any shouts of this contest being rigged, I opened up the judging to my coworkers. I asked if they had heard of any of the following people and if they had, a point was given. There is one LDS guy in my office, so that helped some of you. One of the biggest problems was when I said Gordon B Hinckley, a number of people said, “Isn’t that the guy that shot Reagan?”

After hearing from nine people, it is my conclusion that the following people are the most famous in the world:
George W Bush
Condoleezza Rice
Michael Jordan
and ….
Barry Williams

That is right, Greg Brady is as well known as Dub yah.

I have included the results per individual to determine the winner.

The Biggest Name Dropper is Jason Shin: I think you should have been penalized at least 4 points, because you not only broke rank, but you met 2 of your 3 at the same time. To quote Seinfeld “You Double Dipped”. So, I guess that means you are a double dippin name dropper. Congratulations.

A close second place is Kari: Kari, you were a riding high with Steve Covey and you would have hit a home run, (Just like the 335 home runs that Darryl Strawberry hit) if you would have shouted something to Darryl Strawberry as he passed you on US60, you could have been bumped up a point on how well you know the person. With your increase and the double dip penalty, you would have beaten Jason.

The Larry Bird Prize - Andrea: In 1979, Larry the Legend took his Indiana State to their only NCAA tournament, and they made it to the final game. Your names were much like that, because one guy got all the points.

The Head On Prize – Karen: Just like this annoying commercial, you were sucked into the lull of obnoxious marketing. Unfortunately no one knew who John Barr was, so “No Soup for You.”

The 2004 Lakers Prize – Koni: The 2004 Lakers had 4 Hall of Famer’s on their team, but they lost in the finals. Your picks looked to be at the top of the pack; however, they lost their steam. Also, like Kari, if you would have said something to Steve Young, you could have beaten Karen.

The Elite IMDB Photo Prize – Jason Steinmann: It should be noted that Ryne Sanborn was the only person, besides MJ & Bush, to have his picture on Internet Movie Database (IMDB). That is worth an additional 5 points.

Thanks for all that did this. It was fun to hear your stories. I will be posting our next contest on Monday Dec 18th.

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andrea said...

I knew the Greg Brady experience would just keep paying off. Sweet! Why did Jason have to enter at the last minute and crush all of my hopes? Just kidding--I was very impressed with your dropped names, Jason. Who knew your time spent in Iraq would get you a prize on Greg's blog?