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Dec 21, 2006

The Christmas DJ

Thanks for your submissions. This was slightly more difficult than most to judge, because of the range of responses. The scoring was based on a 1 – 5 scale with 1 equaling a Clay Aiken rendition of “O Holy Night” and a 5 equaling the Boney M reggae mega hit “Mary’s Boy Child.”

Now for the winner ….

It is only fitting that the winner of Christmas DJ contest is a professional singer.

Nicolle had the highest number of points; she beat out Kari and Jefe for first by just 1 point. Maybe you two should have rethought your Transiberian menopause ideas; because I can tell you that they lost you the contest. That and the fact that throwing the Muppets into the mix is a sure way to get points with the judge.

The Runner up Prize #1 – Jefe: You get the first runner up prize because Boney M gets the extra half a point over Bruce, plus your Fararararah was a stroke of brilliance. Don’t you ever stop and think about the irony of a Jewish guy (Neil Diamond) singing Christmas songs?

The Runner up Prize #2 – Kari: You must have known that bringing in the Elf version of “Baby, its Cold Outside,” was going to get you a ton of points, however I find it strange that no one else thought of that. I am sure the 12 days of menopause are funny, but it has nothing to do with Christmas, the holidays, winter or even the winter solstice. In fact, don’t you get hot flashes during menopause?

The Bipolar Prize – Karen: You had some Highs and some lows, how could you think that Clay Aiken could sing “O Holy Night?” why don’t you just pick “Santa Baby” by Britney Spears? Come on. But then you come back with "Mary’s Boy Child" and "The 12 Things at Christmas that are Such a Pain." -Both Classics- What can I do?

The Brandon Banack award – Andrea: Brandon Banack was a guy who I played basketball with in High School. He started most every game our senior year. The only problem is that he wouldn’t play after the first quarter. Just like Brandon, your picks started out good, with BNL and The Beach Boys, but after those, you left me no choice but to bench you.

Thanks all for your comments; I will try to get one more contest done before Christmas so stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I will admit that I own Clay's first CD along with his christmas album but I did not specifically say Clays O Holy NIght was my fav. I also said I liked Celien's version.