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Dec 13, 2006

Name Dropping

The Biggest and Best Name Dropper Contest

While riding home with Nicolle the other night, a song by Josh Turner came on the radio. (It goes without saying that Nicolle had control of the radio since I am not a fan of country music). While listening to this song, I came up with the idea for my next contest. (Nicolle went to college with Josh Turner, so whenever he is on the radio, I am reminded of that fact).

Disclaimer: Nicolle is not a name dropper and hates when I do it.

The contest is “Who are the 3 most famous people that you have met/know?” If you know the person on a more personal level, you get more points. To qualify that you have met the person, you need to have been within a few feet of the person. I don’t want to hear that you “met” Bono, when all you did was go to a U2 concert. Hearing U2 live was enough of a prize for you.

Here are my top 3:

3. Julius “Dr J.” Erving: When I was 13 years old, I went to the National Boy Scout Jamboree. Dr J was a guest speaker there, and I was able to give him a high five.

2. Brad Pitt: When I was 17 years old, while sitting in traffic with my brothers waiting to cross the golden gate bridge, I looked to my right and saw Brad Pitt in a Bentley next to me. As surprised as I was, he was mouthing something to me. “Your door is open,” he said. I followed his advice and closed my door. What a moment.

1. Bob Dole: While waiting in a security line at Dulles, I noticed a man walk by. I was just about to tell him not to cut in line, but first I noticed there was a policeman with him. It was Bob Dole- and I did get within a few feet of him-, so that counts right?

OK, I did not set the bar very high, but you get the point. Lets hear all of your acquaintances.


Anonymous said...

1. Abby Wamback - she is now the new Mia Hamm of US womewns soccer. She is the new face of womens soccer with NIke. In HIgh school we played Mercy HS in Basketball. We lost of Course but I have 2 or 3 photos of me shooting over her. Nice huh.

2. Mia Hamm - I went to an autograph place with a girl from my school. She talked to us (just our table) and then signed autographs for everone. I also have photo proof of this one as well. needless to say these photos are way before digital age and I have never scanned them onto my computer.

3. um. . . John Barr. ok unless you have ever seen a car commercial in Vegas you will have no idea what I am talking about. He has the worlds most anyoing commercials ("I'll do anything to sell you a car") I saw him in the Vegas airport. Then a few months later he actually sold us a car. Needless to say he is the most famous Vegas resident according to our local newspaper.

Here are my 3.
and wow Nicolle I never new about JOsh Turner. He is one of my favorites, I love his voice.


Anonymous said...

sorry that was by Karen Scott I'm still new to this blogging stuff.

Anonymous said...

1. Steven Covey - I was a bridesmade for his daughter and have spent time at his Sundance Cabin.

2. Darryl Strawberry - I saw him on the US 60 a long time ago when he was in town for Spring Training

3. Greg Sherwood - I am his sister!!! (do I win for brownies points?!?!?!?!?!)


Anonymous said...

Here is the one to take Greg's place in case it doesn't count.

3. Virgina H Pearce - President Hinckley's daughter - at Womens Conference in 2004, I sat beside during a lecture and we even talked for a few minutes! Very nice lady.

Anonymous said...

Jeff can win this one hands down.


Anonymous said...

My name is Jason, Greg baptised my bro and I in Salt Lake.
1. Ryne Sanborn- He was the Child of Light in the Salt Lake Olympics. He was also Jason Cross in High School Musical. He is my bro's best friend and sleeps over all the time.
2. Elder M. Russell Ballard- He spoke at my stake conference a few years back. He pulled up in his real expensive car and when he got out he looked at me (I was assigned to be a greeter) and gave me a smile, wave, and nod of the head.
3. Bob Harman- His family owns a chain of grocery stores here in Utah. He's on all of their commercials and such. When I was the Student Body Pres. at my high school, he came and judged a contest that we were having and I was able to shake his hand and have breakfast with him.

andrea said...

Well, Greg, your bar doesn't look so low anymore, huh? I'm not going to raise it much, either, but here goes.

3. Becky Higgins--She is a scrapbooking celebrity and whenever my friends that are WAY into s'booking find out I know how, they are all jealous. I'm even on her Christmas card list and get a handmade one every year. Google her--you'll see she's published several books and is very well known in the crafty world.

2. Merrill J. Bateman--general authority and former president of BYU. When we were still living in Provo, I ran into him on a street corner in Salt Lake. I said, "Hi, President Bateman!" He was very nice, said HI, shook my hand and said, "Are you a student at BYU?" I had transferred to UVSC for hygiene school, so I said no. In the meantime, the light had changed so he could cross the street. I yelled as he was walking away, "But my husband is!" Nice.

1. Barry Williams, aka GREG BRADY. He came on a speaking tour to UVSC and I went to listen to him. I got picked to go on stage with him and learn a cheezy, fun Brady-esque dance. Can anyone beat that??? :)

Koni said...

1. Mitt Romney. I shared an elevator ride with him in SLOC's headquarters during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics when I was an employee (for 2 weeks). Ron, Nathan, and Spencer were with me as well.

2. President Gordon B. Hinckley. I was on my way back to college in Utah from AZ in Jan. of 1989 (just after Kris got married). I saw him in the waiting area and when I got on the flight, there he was in 1st class. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him (I figured he was tired of talking to people, so I didn't say anything). I knew my flight would be safe that night!

3. Steve Young. The 49ers practiced in Santa Clara, CA (where we lived) and he came to our ward a couple of times. I walked right by him (but since he was mobbed by others, I left him alone). My next door neighbor in Israel dated him, one of Ron's missionary companion's sisters-in-law was engaged to him for a time (she was the one in the Toyota commercial with him - the wedding didn't happen), and 2 elders from my last zone on my mission in Barcelona, Spain left our area to go and meet him when he was in Barcelona playing. How is that for knowing lots of people who dated or met him?

Anonymous said...

1. George Bush- He served me Thanksgiving dinner when I crashed his VIP dinner with the troops in Baghdad.

2. Condaleeza Rice-I got to talk to her at the same party that I was not supposed to be at. Not even the secret service can keep me away from some stuffing.

3. Michael Jordan- I met him at a gas station with his mom in the car. She made him sign an autograph for us.