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Feb 19, 2007

Clara and The Top TV Shows

We know that we could not go another blog without a Clara update. Greg, however, still demands that another contest takes place. So the first part of the blog will be a Clara update, and the second part will be yet another contest.

Clara update:

Clara is now 5 weeks old and is over 10 lds. She is sleeping most of the way through the night, waking up only once a night for feeding.

She has started to smile and Nicolle has heard hear laugh in her sleep a couple of time. Clara developed Thrush http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/oral-thrush/DS00408 but seems to be getting over that. She is great.

She loves to be held by anyone, and has developed a little crush on Brandon Sweat. Did we leave anything out? Let us know.

TV Contest

The latest contest is a top 4 list. It is the top 4 TV shows that can be seen on TV. Before naming my top four, I want to give a shout out to all those shows that are great but did not make it to my top four list.
Mythbusters – Great show, answering questions that I have always wondered, and received strange looks for asking
Pardon the InterruPTIon – I love the show, Nicolle hates it. I will leave it at that
Reruns – Mash, Cosby Show, Seinfeld and Star Trek TNG
Sportscenter - www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33ohfzgk9k
The Colbert Report – Get ready for truthiness

My Top 4

The Office

This show is great, because it is discusses something we spend 5 days a week doing, working. I have received many an idea from this show on the pranks that I can pull on others. My hope is that is doesn’t sell out and just do the popular things. It needs to stay with what made it great, Michael, Dwight and Jim.


If you have never seen this show, I can’t explain to you why it is on my list. If you have seen it, you don’t need an explanation. The show keeps you guessing and trying to figure everything out. It is just great.

The Amazing Race

This is the one reality show that I still watch. You can see the world and all the great things to do in it, on this show. Plus you get to see what people act like under presure.
Show Highlight: Joyce Shaving her head, Never did one act make me hope that one team would win like this one.

The Simpsons

This show has been on TV since I was 12. That is 18 years. 18 YEARS. They have kept the same cast (With the exception of Phil Hartman, RIP). 18 YEARS. I can't tell you how many times I have used a clip of Mr Burns or Homer in my presentations. 18 YEARS

There are my 4. Lets hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Greg good choice! I really like this contest because I am addicted to many tv shows. Ok here are my top 4:

1) 24 - Jack Bauer never ceases to amaze me!

2) Boston Legal - It is outrageously funny!

3) The office - I have never laughed so hard in my life as when Michael wrote on his Asian lady friend's arm.

4) American Idol - I just can't stay away! I am hooked!

Here are my runner ups: The amazing race, CSI, Criminal Minds, and CSI Miami.

Here are my old favs that are no longer on or in reruns: The OC (although not this past season), Dawson's Creek, Alias, and Friends.


Anonymous said...

Okay I knew I forgot something! Change number two from Boston Legal to Grey's Anatomy! I can't believe I left them out! Then add Boston Legal to my runner Ups. Ok that should be a complete list now.


Anonymous said...

Top 4 in Random order

1. The Amazing Race: Thanks to greg I have become hooked on this show. I must say I kind of wish they would do another family one. but I really enjoy watching the teams melt. Chris and I decided that we would be one of the most hated couples because we would always be "disagreeing"

2. NCIS - this would probally be my #1 Mark Harmon love him. PLus it has all the crime investigation as CSI but with out all the goreyness.

3. House - I don't know what it is about a man the is the worlds biggest jerk but he makes that show awesome.

4. office/scrubs - I cannot choose I love them both. SOmetimes Michael makes we want to stop watching the show ie when he is the "best man" at a wedding but Jim makes me love it. Scrubs is just oh so funny.

I just wanted to put my least fav shows here. I'm sure I will offend someone
American Idol - After season 2 I just cannot stand that show.
24 - there are some actors that I do not like Keffer (however) is one of them
Survivor - Once a big fan but the back biting that you see adults do drives me crazy
Ciou - A PBS show about a winey kid. may non of your children ever like this show


andrea said...

#1 LOST I am soooo glad that Andrew and I started watching this from the beginning. It would be so hard to jump in the middle, but is such a well-written, suspenseful, heart-pumping show. Love it.

#2,3,and 4
Amazing Race
American Idol

I love all of these shows enough that I have tried to get ON them. All of them. Haven't succeeded yet. Maybe I'll just have to settle for my 15 sec of fame on fox 8 news. :)

Greg, it sounds like your audience is requesting the next contest: WORST TV shows on right now.

Give Clara a big hug from Brandon.

Anonymous said...

The top 4

1) House - There is a lot to be said for a person who just tells it the way it is. And if the way it is hurts get over it.

2) Dukes of Hazzard - Where else would an Orange car witht he number 01 on it act better than all the stars even if the doors don't open.

3) The Practice - Lawyers without morals just like real life.

4) Cold Case Dectectives - On A&E it tells how real cold cases are solved


Shelley said...

Who is that cute blonde baby on your blog?

Nicolle, you don't like PTI?! Michael and I watch that every night while we're eating dinner. Seriously entertaining stuff. And thanks for giving a shout out to Stephen Colbert. That show might make an appearance on my top 4.

1) Lost
2) 24, although they are getting more and more violent with this show every season. And how many times can Jack say "We're running out of time!"? If I were a drinking person, that would be a fun drinking game - every time Jack says that.
3) The Office, although there are times that I just get ANNOYED. But the Jim/Dwight dynamic makes the show for me (and a little Jim/Pam romance never hurt anyone).
4) The Colbert Report/How I Met Your Mother - for me the latter is a great replacement for Friends. And to me it's the only original sitcom on the air right now. Barney (Doogie Houser) is hilarious! I highly recommend it.

Favs of all time: Seinfeld, Simpsons, Friends, Will & Grace, and Alias.

Anonymous said...


I didn't know you were a 24 fan! We should get together and watch it sometime. One time David and I invited a couple from church over to watch (they will remain nameless) and I don't think they could handle the intense drama and violence. It was the episode where Jack killed a guy by biting his juggular.


shaquille o'neal said...

Unquestionably, the greatest show of all time is Seinfeld. How many situations have you been in where you somehow allude to a Seinfeld episode? I actually just heard someone referencing one outside my office earlier this morning...and in the past 48 hours I have heard someone saying "yada, yada, yada," "man hands," and "You're as pretty as any other girl, you just need a nose job" (Okay, I was kidding about that last one). The show's ubiquity in syndication on two different channels at four different times every evening is further proof that no one should go too long without laughing along with Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer.

Now that we've got that out of the way, we can move on to my four favorite current shows:

1) LOST: How many mysteries can one island (or two...or three)hold? I love that the show is so character-driven; intriguing people looking for redemption in one of the most delightfully enigmatic settings ever created. It is supenseful, funny, scary, and poignant all at the same time. The sheer number of websites, blogs, and chat boards devoted to discussion and theorizing about what's really going on is a testament to how captivating the show is. If that's not, the fact that everyone who has borrowed our DVDs had marathon weekends where they did nothing but watch LOST episodes one after another and are now hooked to the show should do it. It's just great all around.

2) The Office: This is hands down the funniest show on TV right now. The writing is so clever and the acting is hilarious. Dwight Schrute is one of the most comical characters in TV history. I have his bobblehead on my desk at work to motivate me to someday reach my full potential as Assistant (to the) Regional Manager. If you haven't been to his blog, you need to check it out:
There's even a delightful expose on beets. I plan to be laughing along with this show until Michael Scott is an annoying best man at Jim and Pam's wedding.

3) The Daily Show/The Colbert Report: I put these two together because they both work along the same lines of satirically exposing the idiocy of politicians, pundits, celebrities, 24 hour news networks, and anyone else who deserves it. And you thought House told it the way it is... Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are comic geniuses, and the writing is at once incisive and hilarious.

4) 24: The real-time concept of the show is unique, the plots are intense, and Jack Bauer is pretty relentless. I would like to think that there are a bunch of Jack Bauers out there fighting terrorism for us...and that if there is a real CTU, everyone is not quite so nosy and distracted by each other's perceived inability to perform during a crisis to bypass the XQ437 protocol and save millions of lives as the folks on the show. I can't disagree that the show is a little violent, but the entertainment value is undeniable.
(Note: This season is not quite on par with the all-time great, season 2, for several reasons. I have never seen a less believable President than Wayne Palmer, or a less believable storyline that Jack's dad's willingness to kill off his whole family for some random company because he will not sacrifice 'everything he's worked for.' Who does he think he is, Bill Gates? That guy was a lot better when he was telling Babe, "That'll do, pig." I also find Chloe and the whole CTU dynamic boring, if not annoying, this season. We'll stick it out though.)

Honorable mention:

The Simpsons - Hit their stride after about four years and fizzled some after about ten. But we still watch it faithfully; some of the all-time funniest characters and one-liners come from that show.

Sportscenter - A daily necessity.

Gilmore Girls - Just kidding!

...All this from a guy who grew up without a TV.

Shelley said...

"Shaquille O'Neal" decided not to work today and instead to write the longest blog response in history. And he ripped on the Gilmore Girls, which I mentioned last night should have been in my all time favs list. Shame on you Shaq!! (Has anyone seen the billboard that says "Life's short. Talk fast."?) And Natalie, you are welcome over anytime to watch 24. Next Monday night Shaq's out of town, so we'll be watching on Tuesday. If you can wait a whole night, you're welcome to join...

Cletus Vann Dam said...

1. The Shield. Never has loving a morally questionable cop been so easy as Vick Macky. If you recognize my name, you've seen the show more than a few times. However, it is much more intense than 24, viewer discretion is advised.

2. Lost- Never thought it would be possible for me to like this show. However, after a certain unnamed celebrity friend let me and my lady borrow seasons 1 and 2, We are ridiculously hooked.

3. 24- I agree with Shaq, this season is leaving something to be desired. If they're going to bring Jack's dad into it, why not use Donald and atleast that would be cool.

4. House- One of the greatest old American curmudgeons of all time, and he's a Brit.

2nd team all Americans

ESPN- although they seem to try to manufacture a few too many stories in the name of Sports Entertainment

Wife Swap- not kidding, actually really outrageous most of the time.

Simpsons- "Daddy, these rubber pants are hot!" "You'll wear'em til you learn son."

Cosby Show
Fat Albert
The Incredible Hulk
The A-Team

Shelley said...

Cletus Vann Dam and Shaq are trying to have a "word out". Between ubiquity and curmudgeons, I'm not sure who wins. But I laughed out loud with the Ralph/Chief Wiggam shout out. Hilarious!!!! (And see Jeremy, people do go back and read comments on old blogs.)