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Feb 14, 2007

Clue or Cranium

The votes are in, the ballots have been counted and by an overwhelming 3 votes, Clue and Cranium haven been selected as the top board games. I would celebrate this victory, however, I feel there is some “Other” influence being felt here.
Let me explain, Prior to one, “Henry Gale” voting, there were no votes for Clue. After Henry Gale had voted, a spell was cast upon the blog and all anyone could do was vote for Clue. For those of you that do not watch Lost, I am sorry, and what I just said makes no sense.

Other awards:

The Anti-Beatles Award – Kris
I have not heard of any of the games that you talked about. I am sure they are very fun, but the closest thing I had heard of was Ticket to Ride, but that was a Beatles song not a Train Game.

The Best Games That You Are Not Playing Award – “Apples to Apples” and “25 Words or Less”
These two games are classics and should be in every household, but are not.

The Man Law Awards – Steve and Mike Britt
You must consider Risk as one of the greatest game. MAN LAW

Thanks to all those who commented, they make the blogging much more enjoyable.


Shelley said...

Clue won. Excellent! I knew I had good taste. Now bring on more pictures of Clara!

andrea said...

You can totally see Henry Gale's belly button through his shirt in the picture. Eeewwww.