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Mar 20, 2007

The Greatest weekend of the year

I must love pain, I look forward to the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament every year. This year was no different. Lets review my predictions and how accurate they were:

1. At some point in the tournament Greg will get so upset, he will have to leave the room and have some personal time

Outcome: True: Duke vs VCU. I had Duke making it to the Sweet 16, but because Duke’s defense allowed VCU’s point guard to run the same play the last 15 times for a lay-up, Greg needed a few moments to be alone with his thoughts.

2. Greg will speak with Jefe and we will discuss how we both have never had worse years than this

Outcome: True: Jefe and Greg have spoken at least 4 different times, some notable conversions include:
- Greg’s dumb predictions of NMSU beating Texas, and Arizona making it to the final four (UA lost in the first round)
- Greg asking Jefe how his team that he picked to win the championship did against UNLV

3. When Oral Roberts makes it to the sweet 16, I will declare my tournament officially over

Outcome: False: No seed higher than a 7th seed made it to the Sweet 16. So, those who chickened out and took no risks ended up at the top of the brackets (See Greg Dibb)

4. Arizona State will not be there

Outcome: True, but wait til next year

Here are the current standings, and some points to note are:
- David Harris is beating Natalie Dorrance
- Think of how many points everyone that picked UNC to win will be missing when UNC loses next round
- While Greg is in last place, Jefe only has the potential to get 1 point more than Greg
- If this was golf Greg would be in first
- This is not Golf

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Anonymous said...

Nice, Greg, real nice! Soon I will be back in front of David...just you wait!