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Mar 23, 2007

Top Vacation Places

This contest is not meant to be a look at the cool places that I have been. It is rather, a request to hear about all the great places you have been. I am just starting the discussion.

This contest is “The Top 3 Vacations EVER.”

What I am looking for, is the best places that you have ever been, and why. I hope my three will help get your mind going;

3. Lake Powell:

My extended family made it a tradition, to go to Lake Powell for a week during the summer. For those of you who don’t know about lake powell go to the following site, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Powell . The Lake is very warm in the summer, and it was where I learned how to wakeboard. The water stays smooth most of the day, and there are great places to go cliff jumping. One of the highlights of each trip would be when my Uncle Wayne would bring out his guitar and sing “Grandma’s Featherbed.” I do not like singing campfire songs, but that is the one exception.

2. Windjammer Cruise:

When I was in middle school, my family went on our only cruise together (my mom got seasick to easy, and spent the week “Bowing to the porcelain throne.”) We went to the British Virgin Islands and we were the only kids on the ship. There were many nice people there that let me bother them. One guy named Tom took me snorkeling with him and his wife Mary. I was scared that a shark was going to come and eat me, but was comforted, because Tom has a diving knife, even though it couldn’t cut butter.

1. Italy and France:

I constantly think about the trip that Nicolle and I went on. The places we went and the things we saw are imprinted in our minds forever, and in case we loose our minds, we have about 1000 photos from the trip as a backup. If you want more detail about our trip, look in the September Archives of our blog

There are mine. Let’s hear yours. The winner will be announced next week.


Anonymous said...

Here are my top three: I am sure there are better places to go, but out of the places I have been these are them!

1) Riverera Maya, Mexico - David and I went here on our honeymoon. Lots to do and see. The food was amazing and we loved visiting the Mayan Ruins!

2) Charleston, SC - We just visited here last week for a friends wedding. It was beautiful and so much fun! We stayed in an adorable B & B and walked around downtown, went to the aquarium, and shopped! Very nice and good places to eat too.

3) Topsail Island, NC - My family and I go here every summer. We have a blast playing soccer on the beach, relaxing, and golfing! Plus good places to eat (do you notice everything is about food with me? well it is!).

Close runner ups:

Florida - when we go to visit David's parents I love going to the Alligator farms, Shark Valley, and fan boat rides. Alligators are my favorite animals! Plus we can walk on the beach/boardwalk!

China- My family and I went here in 91 for the women's world cup. Exciting cities and lots to see and do, but sometimes scary and gross. We went to the great wall, zoo, factories, and shrines. Food not so much fun for me. I was like 11 and did not have a taste for most things served. But this is where I had my first kiss, well on the cheek that is! From Pele!


andrea said...

It seems like I'm always living far away from my extended family (not necessarily because I WANTED to be far away from them) so most of my vacations throughout my life have been to visit family. Here are a few that were just for fun:

3. Yellowstone--My parents took us here when I was a kid. I don't remember everything about it, but I thought Old Faithful was really cool and I remember seeing a black bear and a moose and I thought that was awesome.

2. Nauvoo, Illinois--I went here with my mom and my kids last summer. I loved it! There was so much to learn and see and do. I want to go back when I can stay a little longer, though. One day is NOT enough.

1. Carolina/Kure Beach, NC--This is our favorite family getaway right now. Short travel time. Warm water. Not very crowded. It's a little slice of heaven when work and church get overwhelming.

Shelley said...

So evidently no one has been on any good vacations. Remind me to never go whereever all of you have been. I have three favorite vacation spots (like Andrea, our family vacations were always to family who lived far away). They are not original or witty, but places I really enjoyed going:

1) France - this wins hands down again and again. I will never enjoy a vacation as much as I enjoyed this one. Michael and I spent time in Paris as well as several cities along the coast in southern France. Like you, Greg, I think of this vacation often. Why will it never be topped? Because we didn't have kids and had two incomes so we could spend a bunch of money and do whatever we wanted. Although the morning sickness with nothing to eat but French food wasn't the best...

2) New York, New York - I have been obsessed with New York since I was old enough to understand it's cultural significance. And I've been obsessed with it ever since I left. The city was much dirtier than I thought it would be (another reason to love Europe), but the charm and sophistication you think the city has is really there! We ice skated in Central Park and saw The Lion King on Broadway. Loved it!

3) Florida Keys - this was the only vacation when I was a kid that we took as a family (that didn't involve going to some grandparents' house or something). Very fun, very "Margaritaville". People running around in dingy t-shirts and cut-off jean shorts, tan and scraggly, and loving life. We took a glass bottom boat out and went snorkling. Absolutely georgous.

I grew up in Orlando and had season passes to Disney World and all its affiliates, and we went on field trips every year to places like Sea World and Universal Studios, so my whole childhood was a vacation. Maybe that wins out.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that my opinion changes as to best vacation places as my "stage of life" changes. That being said -

As a kid - my favorite vacation was either skiing or Disney World - although the trip to Cancun was great as well (I didn't think I would be able to make in down the side of the pyramid after getting to the top).

In college - my favorite vacation was where ever my family was going that I didn't have to pay for. We went to Hawaii and I loved it. I left a dreary Logan, UT in the middle of the semester and spent 7 days in heaven with sunshine and beaches. Still have fond memories of that one.

As a mom with children of my own - I think my latest favorite vacation spot is Trout Creek, CO. With grandma and grandpa to be around - grandma to worry about meals - the kids do kitchen jobs much better at grandparents homes - no cell phone coverage - ski place pretty close - places to walk and discover and the kids can run around without too much worry. Besides - the deer are out in the afternoon and TONS of stars in the evening - what's not to like!

As a wife - my favorite vacation spot with just my husband would be a nice hotel with things to do around it - a beach would be nice or a ski resort with a great snow base. Scottsdale, Hawaii, Washington, (ok - probably lots of places - NOT Duncan or Kingman or Yuma though) And enough money saved up to have a good time without worrying about spending to much!!

Reading the other comments makes me want to go to Europe for a month or so - just with Scott!

Shelley said...

I feel like I have to amend my earlier comment. I was not knocking Natalie and Andrea's vacations, I was commenting on the fact that only 2 people had vacations they enjoyed. So I don't want to go anywhere those of you who haven't commented have been. :)

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Kim that as my life has changed so have my favorite vacations.

So here they are

1. Hawaii as a child - we played on the beach, filled yup a hot tub with sand and had Shave Ice for the first time - yummy!!!!

2. When I was single a group went to Colorado over labor day weekend - that was a great trip. We saw a Rockies game and had a FANATASTIC dinner at G & G's.

3. I think that my kids who have to agree with Kim also that Trout Creek,CO is their favorite place to go. Fires for roasting, saw dust to play in, deer to see and lots of books plus grandma and grandpa are there.

I know it was only supposed to be but 4 - any where Bryant and I are by ourselves (except for Idaho). B


rob, jax & max said...

Ok, I guess out of all the vacations I've been on my top 3 are:

1. Hungary(and some other European countries): My best friend in high school's dad is in the FBI so they moved a lot and when I was 15 they moved to Hungary. So I went to visit the next summer and spent a month with them. It will forever be one of my favorite trips because in addition to all the touristy stuff i got to go to the grocery store and the gym and the U.S. Emabassy and other places your average American tourist wouldn't have gone. And riding a horse behind a Hungarian cowboy was pretty cool too.
2. Road trips: My mom's family is from out west, and every 3 years they would hold a family reunion. Well, we couldn't afford plane tickets so we'd (2 parents and 4 kids) cram into our trusty minivan and drive out to Colorado or Utah. Some of the cool places we'd stop along the way: Nauvoo, Chicago, Winter Quarters (one trip we followed the Mormon Trail as best we could), Yellowstone, Carthage Jail, Dallas, the Petrified Forest, camped at the Grand Canyon, and Telluride, CO (where Tom Cruise and Oprah have houses, although we weren't fortunate enough to see them)
3. The Outer Banks: every summer my dad's dad and his siblings and their families get together in Sanderling on the Outer Banks. My Great Uncle Jack (my grandpa's brother) owns a house there so his siblings rent houses around his and we spend a week doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, this has spoiled me- it's a private beach so we don't have to deal with other people.

So yeah, those are my top 3


Michael said...

Hey Natalie--

So you love Florida and you love alligators...

I knew that deep down you didn't really care about the Tar Heels, and that in your heart of hearts you are truly a fan of the Florida Gators!

I bet if David did a thorough search of your closet, he'd find your secret stash of orange and blue t-shirts! It's okay to come out and admit...at least now you still have a team in the Final Four!


andrea said...

Thanks for clarifying, Shelley, because I did think for a second that you were slamming Natalie and me. :)

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

1) San Diego: we went here with another couple a few years ago. Tons of fun things including Sea World (who knew petting dolphins could be so fun), Coronado Island, Balboa Park, great restaurants, great weather. It is a fun place for all ages.

2)NYC: I have been here several times, but only 2 of those have been for vacation. TONS of beautiful music and art to see and hear. My favorites have been "The Nightingale" at the Metropolitan Opera and "The Light in the Piazza" at Lincoln Center Theater. An awesome place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there... I'm always ready to get out after 2 or 3 days. Mostly because I can't handle seeing rats in the subway stations. YUCK!!!

3)Grand Canyon/Sedona- It is strange that most people native to AZ that I met didn't seem impressed by the Grand Canyon or Sedona. Having lived most of my life in the East, I had never seen anything like them... they were beautiful and amazing. During the summer, you can go to outdoor concerts in Sedona at a huge ampitheater (sp?... why doesn't blogger check your spelling?!?) with views of the red rocks. So relaxing and beautiful... just be on the lookout for rattlesnakes.

Natalie said...

To Michael-

Unfortunately for you and your gators my allegiance is with one team and one team only! GO HEELS!