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Mar 5, 2007

Clara's baby blessing

On Sunday, Clara was blessed. Much to Nicolle's relief, Greg did name her Clara Hannah Sherwood (instead of Muyra or something like that... no offense to any Muyras out there who might be reading this blog). We were nervous she might be fussy during the blessing, but luckily only her father was.

We think she looked adorable in the bonnet we bought for her while we were in Venice. Too bad she doesn't like wearing it... we have to sneak it on her while she is asleep.

Here is a photo of the family and friends who came especially for the blessing and joined us for lunch at our home afterwards to celebrate Clara's birth.


Shelley said...

Where did you get those little slippers? Adorable! And I didn't know you got the bonnet in Venice. Very cool. When we were in France, we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, so we bought some uni-sex clothing. Not as fun. Thanks for sharing the pics.

andrea said...

Nicolle, you look beautiful in that picture! How did you manage to get yourself ready, Clara looking adorable, and still get to church on time? Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of your families. Who took that awesome picture?! HA HA HA.

See you soon!