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Feb 27, 2008

Bag Tag

The title of this blog is fairly reminiscent of the dreaded early 90's "fag-tag." I promise the similarities end there.

My SIL, Karen, "bag-tagged" me, which means I had to take a picture of my bag and of all of its contents, then display it here for all of you to see. Here it goes...

My diaper bag/purse/toy carrier/gym locker:

The contents:From L-R: Clara's snacks (cheerios, pretzels, peas), gum, a plastic duck (it's wings flap when you push on it's feet... totally worth 4 square inches of bag space), a granola bar, wipes, blanket, burp cloth, water bottle, dirty socks (nice), baby lotion, lip gloss, pen, car wash coupon, goggles (these and the dirty socks validate the "gym locker" designation), swim diaper, regular diapers, wallet.

I hope you all found this fascinating. If only I were Brittney Spears, this could have made the headlines of Entertainment Tonight.

Who else wants to join the fun? C'mon, you know you are dying to try it... Let's see some bags!


Natalie said...

Oh my gosh! You and my mom would be best friends. She carries the most random stuff in her purse as well. I can't believe you can fit all of that stuff in your bag! I hope that my purse never gets that big. I like having a small one.

Janell said...

I love it! We had an Enrichment Night activity one time, where we were split up into teams and then they told us that we were going to use the contents of our purses to win prizes. They called out random things and the first team to take the item to the front got a point. I have to say that this was one of the only times that my carring around random junk really paid off! :)

Chris and Karen said...

hey thanks for doing it. Your bag was way more intresting than mine. I also think it is really cute too