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Feb 27, 2008

Some to Grow On...

Greg had a fun birthday, thanks you all of you. Here he is with his presents... a new ASU sweatshirt and registration for a triathlon. We had a few late entries in the "memories of Greg" contest, so here are some for the honorable mention category.
Mine happened in the spring of 2006. Nicolle and I had gone to a voice recital at Wake Forrest and I drove. I dropped Nicolle off and as she walked to the front door, the door opens and there was Greg to greet her. They had just found out they were pregnant with Clara, and there he was anxiously waiting for his family to come home. He greeted her so lovingly, like his world was complete now that she was home. I love Greg because he is not just an incredible husband, but he is the best husband for my best friend. I am so happy for them and the love that they share with one another and for the family that they have become. I love you both so much. Happy (belated) Birthday Greg. -Trin

I have TONS of funny Greg Sherwood memories, but I'll only share only a few! * Greg is funny junk! I was on the U4 Ward Council with him and he would write "notes" on the back of his yellow notepad and discretely show them to me from across the room. I frequently got in trouble for busting out laughing at some of his random comments! * When Nicolley and I lived together, I always teased Greg about being one of our roommates, ... only he didn't sleep there at night. He could often be found taking a nap on the couch during the day, though! * Remember the time that Greg trimmed the overgrown oleanders in our back yard? He had on a backpack and his headphones on ... listening to U2! I took quite a few photos of him before he knew because we couldn't get his attention.* Greg, Nicolle & I were driving somewhere in his Jetta, which didn't have a stereo (if I remember correctly.) He had his headphones on and was singing along, loudly, to U2. Nicolle and I couldn't hear the music so it sounded really bad and we laughed and laughed ... and Greg just kept on singing. * Greg called me one night and asked me for the "hugest favor ever." Before he even told me what it was, he offered to buy me a steak dinner (that gave it away that it really was a HUGE favor.) He asked me to referee the Church Championship Basketball game, which I did. He felt SO bad because it turned out to be a pretty violent and unsportsmanlike game. * Remember the time that the 3 of us went to IKEA when you came to visit AZ? Greg was our little Swedish tour guide and made us taste the Swedish meatballs at the cafeteria. He also coached us as to which candies and cookies were best. That was a fun day.* Greg took me on a "date" one time (long before he met you, Nicolley) after I had my heart broken by a dumb guy. We went to the Barrett-Jackson car show in Scottsdale and had a great time. It was very kind of him to notice that I needed a friend to cheer me up. He's good like that. * So Greg had (maybe he still has) a little Homer Simpson mug that he always drank out of. No matter how many times I offered to get him a better one, he always defended Homer and refused to drink out of any other cup.* Editors note: Greg still drinks out of that cup all of the time... I have to beg him to use a real glass when we have company for dinner. Clara has found it a couple of times and loves to carry it around the house... must be genetic. Greg picked me up at the airport when I went out to visit you after you moved to NC. He and I had a great talk about you both longed and prayed to have a baby. I told him how I have a similar kind of longing & wishing for a husband. We came up with a plan: we decided that I would pray for you to get pregnant - and you would both pray for me to find a husband. Well ... not very long after that, I got a phone call telling me the good news (which I was sworn to secrecy about!) I was, of course, SO THRILLED for you and am grateful that Clara has come to bless your lives. (I'm still waiting for a husband, though. Keep praying!)Oh my goodness! There are SO many more, but I'll stop for now. Thanks for doing this, Nicolley! What a FUN way to re-live memories! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Greg! I'm glad you were born! :)-jd

Greg was one of the first people I met in the ward when I moved here, and was so kind and helpful. I knew how to get to work my first day on the new job thanks to him! I also remember one of the first interactions outside of church when I ran into him at the cafeteria at work, and he asked me if I was a morning person or a night person. ("hmm", I thought, "that was random") I know now, it's just part of your charm. Ü Thanks for your friendship! Hope you had a great birthday!-bigger (Turns out they were looking for a new seminary teacher. Carrie answered right, because she said she was a night person).

Madi's (Greg's niece) favorite moment is when you called on the phone and pretended that you were Barbie! She still talks about it and "Silly Greg" all the time!!Kari

First, anytime spent on the lake wakeboarding, on the the slopes snowbaorading or playing hoops will always be a memory for me. Anytime Greg would catch even the smallest amount of air (which was very rare) you heard about it for days on end...and I think the smile didn't fade for a solid week.But the most memorable time was when Greg proposed to Nicolle...he did it at your house in AZ. We helped him prepare the house, and had flowers ready in the other room. He was going to make some excuse about having to stop by our house before a date and then pop the question. We called him to let him know everything was ready and tell him we would be out of the house by 6:00....Greg acted surprised and said we should stick around and just wait in the next room. I think he was more than a little nervous/scared and was looking for moral support but Rachael and I were not sticking around for the big moment. Needless to say everythign went fine and the rest is history.Happy birhtday Greg.Jefe anf Rach

I don't know, Jefe, that looks like more than "the smallest amount of air."

I wish our story of you running off to the ocean as speedo boy would have made it. Or maybe how happy you get when the Lakers whoop up on the Suns (like just recently in fact), or something like those. I may be wrong on which of us fits where, in each story, but they're all good times in the Book of Greg.-M & L


Natalie said...

Those were great. So when and where is this triathalon? Is Nicolle doing it too? We will come and cheer you on!

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What a sassy diaper bag/purse you have!