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May 11, 2008

Greg's Big Race

Triathlon Pop Quiz:

Q1- How much did Greg train?
a) 5 days/wk, 2 hours/day for 6 months
b)just enough to say he ran more during training than during the actual race
c) the same amount he trained before his marathon in 2000... 40 miles over a period of 4 weeks.

Answer- b, but only if you count the times he walked up and down the street with Clara

She made a cute spectator, don't you think?

Q2- Why does Greg participate in triathlons?
a) the endorphines are addictive
b) the cool T-shirts
c) free food at the end of the race
d) both b and c

Answer: d, (endorphins???... c'mon, they aren't THAT great.)

Q3- Greg's favorite part of the race was...

a) getting passed by a 10 year old girl during the swim

b) seeing Clara at every transition, holding a sign that said "Go Da-Da"

c) running/riding up the hills

Answer- b, of course

Q4- How long did it take Greg to swim 400meters, bike 20K, and run 5K?
a) 59 minutes and 43 seconds
b) around 1 hour and 42 minutes
c) the clock is still running... after the bike, he saw the Moe's Southwest Grill tent and got sidetracked by their nachos.

Answer... give us your best guess in the comments section.

Way to go, Greg!!!


Anonymous said...

I'd say most definetly A. I have got to make sure that Greg still can feel like a super star. With all that training there is no way he could have ever taken the time you put down in B (which is more like my time, esp if you had some amazing hills).

Congrats on making it! Maybe next year for your birthday you could get a entrance fee for easier race like maybe The Gobi March (much easier than actually a run) http://www.4deserts.com/gobimarch

Love ya!


Lindsay Family said...

I'm surprised that Greg didn't mention the pre-race celebration on Friday, where he ate 6 pieces of pizza for lunch. He's an inspiration to us all.


Natalie said...

That picture of Clara with the sign is too cute! What a great fan!

Anonymous said...

I say A - since Greg is a much better athlete than me and I completed one that had a longer swim in 1:45.


Anonymous said...

I think it was a minute slower than my last tri time. My favorite about the tri is that Greg is still wearing all his t-shirts from high school! GO VICTOR/FINGER LAKES. All of my winter running shirts are high school shirts. Long live VICTOR Athletics!

Mike said...

I just recently did a Triathlon too, with Tyler Danielson and some of the Priests of the RDMP. It was a good time. I definitely swam, biked and ran much more in the ACTUAL RACE than I did before hand! But, I did beat out quite a few 60-69 year old men though, so I guess I can hold my head up pretty high. Good job there Greg...keep it up you endorphin-hound you!

carrie said...

very cool, greg! and you do have the cutest fan. Ü