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May 11, 2008

April Showers

In April/May, we had 3 sets of visitors. We haven't always been this popular... we think it might have something to do with our sweet Clara.

First in April, Greg's Grandparents, Forest and Mary Jensen visited from Colorado. It was great to see them. We even conviced Greg's Grandad, who is a youthful 89, to do a yahoo to Clara(see video below).

Nicolle's brother, Luke, and his wife, Silvia visited from Vancouver, B.C. We had fun eating, talking, and playing with their dog, Spike.
Last, but not least, Greg's parents visited from Colorado. They helped fix up our treehouse, to make it safe for Clara- she has been having fun in it ever since.

Total miles traveled- 16,000. Don't we feel special???


Natalie said...

Can I get in line for a yahoo?

Shelley said...

"and had fun with their dog, spike" :)

andrea said...

Isn't amazing the motivation that babies/kids can be for traveling all over the country (or even internationally)??

carrie said...

cool playhouse! what a fun month for you all.