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May 19, 2008

The Beach

We just had a GREAT vacation at the beach. We went to Topsail Island for the first time. Many people had recommended it, and we were not disappointed. I have never seen a beach this empty, meaning un-crowded. We went with our good friends, the Aagards and stayed in a little house right on the beach. Here is a photo I took from our deck... Clara and Greg throwing the football in the sand.

Clara thought it was really fun to go right up to the water, then lift up her legs just before it reached her. Sometimes she wasn't quick enough and the water got her, and she thought that was hilarious!
Here she is destroying sand castles.
Clara and Shaelyn had so much fun together. We really didn't pose this picture... they loved following each other around to do things together.

video video video

Hooray! We can't wait to go back in September!


Anonymous said...

Very cute, especially the video of Clara twirling around on the sand. Guess it was difficult keeping her balance when her feet kept sinking. Love, Mom/Gigi

Team Harris said...

I love her swimsuit. The video of her spinning and jumping on the sand is hilarious.

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

I was spoiled growing up with non-crowded beaches. We always go to my great-uncles house-area and the spot in front of his house is OURS. So I can't handle crowded beaches- I'll have to remember Topsail for the future. Anyway, it looks like you guys had a BLAST and Clara and Shaelyn together are SO CUTE. Makes me want to have a girl (kind of):)

Natalie said...

Those videos were so cute! I am glad you guys love TI as much as we do. Glad you had so much fun! And Clara's little swim suit is too cute!

carrie said...

that video of clara sitting driking the juice box is adorable! i feel like that's a shot to tell a story, summing up a great time!

Mike said...

Aaaaah the beach! Good times I'm sure are had by all, anytime you can visit the beach. Little Clara is old enough to have more fun now, so that's good. What?! No speedo Greg? Now, where's the G.Sherwood I heard all those stories about?!

:0! j/k

Purifoy Family said...

socute- the beach looks like a blast!

Seth and Carrie said...

Where is Topsail Beach? It looks beautiful!