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Jun 12, 2008


Some random photos and facts about Clara...
Even in the hot weather, Clara loves to be outside. She'll grab our hands and pull us to the door saying "walk" or "a-side" (outside). She loves riding in her car. She climbs in, shuts the door, says "bye-bye" and waves. We think her wave is very cute... she holds her arm straight out, relaxes her hand, and flips her wrist while cocking her head to the side and smiling.
Clara loves playing with big kids. Here we are with our friends, the Bosch's. We spent Memorial Day with them.Clara got her first haircut... this is a "before" photo... she was getting a major rat tail, so I finally got brave and snipped it off. (I don't have a photo from after the haircut, but- I promise- her hair looks much better, now).

Other things Clara loves...
-"smelling" flowers
-pretending to go to sleep (she lies down on the floor or sofa and says "nigh-nigh")
-listening to her Kindermusik CD in the car... she says"bub-bub- bubbles" to request her bubbles song or "e-i-e-i-oh" for Old Macdonald.
-She still loves playing peek-a-boo and is finding more creative ways to play it.
-Muppets videos from You-Tube... whenever she sees Greg's laptop she requests her favorite..."manamana,"
-drinking out of big girl cups,w ter bottles, or straws and playing with dishes and utensils
-Playing with Daddy... he is always finding new ways to make her crack up!
We love her!


Shelley said...

cute cute cute! i love that girl. shaelyn looked at this post with me and yelled "ca-a, ca-a" over and over. you forgot to include your favorite thing clara does - when she grabs everyone's hands in the room to play 25 rounds of ring around the rosy. hee hee!

Team Harris said...

cute dress :)
You should put a link to your dinner website on the side bar of you blog so people can always see it.

carrie said...

she is a cutie! and i'm thankful for her love of ring around the rosie, because at the ward picnic, it was the first time both Clara and Shaelyn didn't run away screaming! Ü

Chris and Karen said...

Watching the muppets on You Tube. I never thought of that. Thaks for the great idea.

Natalie said...

Yay. Clara is so cute. I love how she smells the flowers and pretends to go night night. Too cute! We love hangning out with her so we will have to babysit again soon!