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Dec 5, 2009


How long can I claim the following?
"I have a new baby, that is why..."
-my house is messy
-my jeans are too tight
-I am always late
-etc., etc.

Sarah-Jane is 4 months old. Am I outside the window?

The poor, sweet child is oblivious to all of the things being blamed on her! (Although she does look a little annoyed in this photo. Maybe she is on to me!?!)


Karen said...

I say you have 5 plus years. but that might just be my poor logic.

Dennis and Bonnie Danielson said...

Nicole, there is NO window..there is no window (that can be your mantra) my baby is 22 (years old) and I am still working on most of those things. I think if you have a baby as cute, happy and healthy as yours looks (alright she does seem somewhat annoyed j/k) you don't have much else to worry about...except maybe your other baby, which is why there is no window because about the time it seems to be closing in a little there is another baby and after you have more than three kids you are given a free golden ticket! That's right, you never have to be on time, or clean your house or do any thing else again except maybe buy some new jeans in a little different size so they are comfortable! :) So it's all good!

Natalie said...

Ah ha ha. I still blame all things on the baby too and Finley is 7+ months! It never stops.

Kari said...

You are totally fine! I still am trying to lose my Madi, Max and Maya weight! You look much better than I did 4 months after a baby!