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Dec 5, 2009


Happy belated Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving... a holiday about cooking, eating, and getting together with family.

On Tuesday night, we went to VA to visit with Greg's parents and two of his siblings and their families... 2 siblings doesn't sound like much, right? But when you add their families of 5 + 4 kids it makes for quite a party. We didn't get many photos, but here is one of Sarah-Jane meeting her Grandpa Sherwood.

On Thursday we celebrated with my (Nicolle's) family.

After dinner we had our "traditional" Thanksgiving talent show.
Luke danced like Michael Jackson, Joel played the spoons, Evan the piano, Greg showed off some Yoga poses, Clara danced to her favorite Halloween song and then "helped" Anna and Chloe with a puppet show.

Last but not least, my Mom did a cheer, and my dad showed off his consistent after- Thanksgiving- dinner- nap habit... despite all of the noise around him. Impressive!

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Kari said...

I am glad to see that you had a great Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy it with both families!