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Dec 24, 2009

the Nutcracker

A Mommy/Clara date...
We braved the snow a couple of Saturdays ago and went to a performance of The Nutcracker.

We were invited by Clara's friend, Hannah, and her Mom. Before the ballet, we got to meet all of the characters. This is Clara meeting "the other Clara." All during the ballet she kept telling me, "The other Clara is twirling, the other Clara is sad, the other Clara is sleeping, the other Clara..."

The performers signed little autograph cards for the kids. Clara had no idea what this meant, but she saw everyone else doing it and joined right in. When the curtain came up at the start of the show, she was VERY excited to tell me that all of those princesses had signed her card! So excited, in fact, that she was shouting. Her little friend told her to "BE QUIET, CLARA."
Then they watched with mouths wide open for the entire performance. Except for the moments when they couldn't contain themselves and stood in front of their chairs to dance like ballerinas. Very fun.


Natalie said...

Awwww! I so want a girl so I can have those moments too.

Sawyers Family said...

that's too cute! Glad you still got to go even with all of the snow! That will be something Clara will never forget!

Erika said...

So sweet! Sounds like a fun mommy/daughter date:)

A Hunter said...

What a couple of lucky girls! You reminded me of why I love having girls.