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Sep 9, 2011

First week of school- Five on Friday

1. The girls started preschool this week.  C was so excited that she got her pajamas and backpack on and announced she was ready for bed at 6pm the night before.  The faster she goes to sleep, the faster the next day comes, right?

 2.  They both did great and loved it.  I am really happy with their teachers and the school.  Next week I'll start teaching music, there, a few hours a week.  I'm really excited to see them in their classrooms.

3.  While the girls are in school on Thursdays, I am playing in a doubles tennis league.  After the clinic I took this summer, I have finally improved enough that I feel like I can contibute to my team, and I am having so much fun!

4.  We loved having a 3 day weekend for Labor Day.  We went to two cookout/picnic events and had lots of time to be together and relax. 

5.  The Fall season of rehearsals for Bel Canto (the choir I sing in) has started.  We are working on a tricky Bach Motet (Lobet Den Herrn), among other things.  We didn't get our music ahead of time, so I'm having to put in some good time with it.  It's great to have a challenge.  I'm so lucky to have this choir to sing in.  


Karen said...

Love the back packs! Annmarie was sound asleep an hour earlier than normal before school started.

Natalie said...

Those matching backpacks are too cute! Glad everyone had a great first week of school!