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Sep 2, 2011

5 on Friday

We had two natural disasters last week... luckily both mild. 
1st:  Earthquake on Aug 28th:  my very first time experiencing any kind of earthquake.  It registered 5.8 in VA.  I was in the basement switching laundry when I felt the house shake... I thought the girls were jumping or had tipped over some furniture in the room above me.  I didn't realize it was an earthquake until Greg called me from work, saying he had felt it there, too. 
2nd:  Hurricane Irene... usually we get big storms whenever there is a hurricane at the coast, but not this time.  Just some gusty wind on Saturday. 

more for our 5 on Friday...

3.  This week C told me "You're not a lady, you're a Mom!"
4.  Another coversation with C..."When I go to college at Indiana I will very very miss you.  You can come visit me and we'll go to the beach at Indiana."
5.  Went to preschool "open house" this week for C and SJ.  I almost lost it during C's orientation... a mixture of being so excited for her, so glad she'll be in good hands, (she has a great teacher) and knowing this is the beginning of her growing up. 

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Kindy said...

I love how C is planning for the future. Natalie has assured me that she won't leave me alone when she gets married and at first she was going to live with me, but now it is just next door. C is such a fun girl.