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Sep 5, 2011

What we did this summer

Happy Labor Day... time to say farwell to our summer schedule.  Here is what we did:

Mondays:  AM- music class at our house with SJ's friends
                 PM- swim lessons for C

 Tuesdays:  AM- Gym
                  PM- Ballet for C

Wednesdays:  Playgroup at the park or splashpad

Thursdays:  pool or story/art time at the libraray

Fridays:  The girls played at the Leavitt-Lytle's while I got to go play tennis

We had a "summer wrap-up" family home evening and when I asked C which of these things she wants to do next summer she said... "ALL of them!"  We love our enthusiastic, happy girls!

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Natalie said...

We had fun playing this summer too! I am worried Finley will never get to see SJ during the school year with our new schedule! Boo.