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Apr 5, 2007


by Nicolle:
I should be working right now (I have two very involved grant applications due in the next two weeks), but I had to show off what we caught on camera today... Clara sucking her thumb during her nap. She has been sticking her fist in her mouth for weeks, testing all of her fingers to see which one tastes the best. She tried really hard to test out the thumb, but it was usually stuck inside her fist. I guess she finally figured out how to get it out and liked it enough to keep it there. Uh, oh. I think she'll be a thumb-sucker like I was. (The thing sticking out at the top of her head is her pacifier, which she spit in favor of her thumb!)

We had planned to take Clara on her first camping trip this weekend, but the weather has turned cold and it is supposed to get down to 28 degrees on Friday night... too cold for the baby. OK, too cold for me, but Clara is a good excuse, right? Instead, I think we'll go hiking to some waterfalls during the day on Friday, since we have it off work.

Happy Easter weekend!


Natalie said...

Clara sucking her thumb is too cute. She is so smart.

I woke up this morning freezing (we aren't using heat anymore in our house) and I was thinking to myself...I wonder if Greg and Nicolle are still going to go camping. Well that answers my question! Next time you guys decide to go we hope to be able to make it.

And hiking sounds awesome. If I wasn't at work right now, pretending to work, we would definately come with you. The last time I went hiking was at Tami's wedding (David's sister) and that was when I almost died because we hiked down to the bottom of the grand canyon and back out! Never again!

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Wow, you went all the way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon?!? That is a tough hike. Greg did that once (before I knew him) and all he brought to drink was a little bottle of apple juice... not very smart. When I went to the Grand Canyon it was early spring and there was still snow and ice on the trails. I started walking down a little ways, but I was way too scared of slipping off off of the side, so we hiked around the top perimeter instead.