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Apr 9, 2007

Name Game

Greg and Elena(Vern Alvin Wolfey IV's Oldest Sister)

My sister Kindy, gave birth to a big 9 lbs 1 ounce baby boy on Saturday morning. This is their fourth child, but their first boy.

Kindy and Vern(Vern Alvin Wolfey IV's parents)

Vern, the father, was very excited, because before they had any children, he knew that he would name his son Vern Alvin Wolfley IV. There is a problem, now there are three living Vern Wolfleys.

This is where you come in. What I would like to hear from you is what Vern Alvin Wolfley IV’s nickname should be. Please be creative. Here are my top ones right now:

Natalie(Vern Alvin Wolfey IV's 2nd Oldest Sister)

Fourth: You all have seen Seinfeld when George says a good name for a child is Seven, after Mickey Mantle, well who is more of a Yankee than Lou Gehrig. Besides, Fourth can mean many things. He is the fourth child of Kindy and Vern. He is the fourth Vern Alvin Wolfley. He is the fourth Grandchild born to my parents in the last year.

Val: This is taken from Vern Alvin. What can I say. I need some more suggestions.

Please let me know what you this a good nickname would be for Vern Alvin Wolfley IV.

Meghan(Vern Alvin Wolfey IV's 3rd Oldest Sister)


Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

I like Little Vern, Van, or Alvey

Natalie said...

How about wolf?

Anonymous said...

I say since he is IV why not call him "DOC" (you know the IV that goes into your arm). he,he,he or as Kindy mentioned since he is IV why not nic name him after and IVY league school. (stanford, harvard, etc.) take your pick.


Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Dispite what they may teach you out there in the west, Stanford is not an Ivy league school. ASU is, but Stanford is not.


Michael said...

My first nickname was "intravenous," but someone else cleverly alluded to that already, so I will have to go to Plan B.

I happen to have at my desk a book called "Best by Number," which profiles the best athletes who wore uniform numbers from 00 to 99. The top athletes who wore the number 4 are:

* Lou Gehrig
* Joe Dumars
* Paul Molitor
* Adam Viniateri
* Bobby Orr
* Mel Ott
* Brett Favre

I personally would favor the last one, especially now that he's a spokesman for Wrangler jeans!

Or, maybe you prefer Plan C:

In the spirit of Balderdash, which I distinctly recall dominating one night at your house, I decided to do a quick Internet search on what acronyms the initials VAW would create. Here is what the top ones were:

* Violence Against Women
* Volcanic Ash Warning
* Voting Administrative Workstation
* Viable Abandoned Wells
* Vermont Archaeology Weekly
* Value Added Wood

Here's hoping the young man has nothing to do with any of these...

Maybe he can be known as the


It's something I can relate to well (or at least used to be able to back in the days of the horse race), and what I probably would have written if we were playing Balderdash. And all you suckers would have voted for it!

sunshinejanell said...

QUATRO!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking along the VW line

Stink Bug, Jetta, Passat, or B (big) V(vern) D(iapers)=BVD - I assume that on day he will be wearing Tightie whities.