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Aug 17, 2008

Clara's funny book, Chapter 2

Some more funny Clara moments...

"Heeewwo?" (Hello, for all of you that don't speak Clara's language)

3/08- (This one is old, but funny, so when I remembered it I had to include it). At Kindermusik, we all sit in a circle...moms with their babies in their laps. Clara has started making the rounds, taking turns sitting on each and every mom's lap. She stops about 5 feet in front of them, turns around, and walks balkwards wtih her bum out until she reaches the chosen lap.

7/5/08- While on vacation in Vancouver, Clara figured out how to climb out of her pack-n-play. I was on the other side of the wall (I think she forgot I was there). She was so excited to be free that she ran around to my side of the room, saw me... pretended she didn't see me... hoped that I didn't see her... and ran right back to her side, giggling all the while.

7/11/08- Clara loves to pick tomatoes out of our garden. One time I told her "no" because she was picking green tomatoes, so she said "back" and tried to put the tomato back on the plant. I have given up trying to stop her. Now she proudly brings me handfuls of green tomatoes (she calls them apples -or her version of tomato "ah-be-do") and mini green peppers. I also find them stashed in her favorite places around the backyard.
The harvester at work

Green tomatoes in the trunk of her car

... in the drink holder of a lawn chair

...and green peppers on the ledge of our porch.

7/20/08: Clara likes to sing... she makes up songs and the syllables are always "baaa-dooo-wa" or some combination like that.

7/23/08: Clara talks in her sleep. Today, Greg was leaving for a business trip at 3am and heard her softly and sweetly saying, "Mommmmy, Da-Da, Mommmmy, Da-da" while fully asleep.

7/25/08- Clara has started calling me "Mommina"- I have no idea why... doesn't it mean "little mother" in Italian? Maybe she picked up a few words in utero while we were in Italy.

7/29/08: She is getting more mischevious as she gets older. Today she found a loose piece of molding in our dining room and played with it. I asked her not to and I put it back. Fast forward 5 minutes... Clara noticed I was busy doing something, so she sneakily ran back to the dining room and pulled it down, again. When I followed her, she dropped the molding and ran. When I picked it up she shrugged her shoulders and said "Oh No"- (How did that happen, Mom?!?)

8/4/08: Clara LOVES to jump. Today when I left the room after putting her down for a nap she was jumping in her crib... she loves that bouncy mattress. I peaked in and she was so tired that her eyes were halfway closed, but she was saying "jump, jump, jump" and jumping as fast as she could (probably to keep herself awake). She would dive down face first to lie down and take a little break, then jump up and start over again... "jump, jump, jump."

8/7/08: She loves talking to her Daddy on the phone... here is their typical conversation.

8/15/08: We've been watching the women's gymnastics on the Olympics. Clara tried to copy some of their moves, and would hold her arms up like they do at the end of a routine. She even tried going down into the splits.


Natalie said...

Awww. Clara is so precious! I loved watching Clara do her splits and tadah finishes the other day. In four more years, she will be ready!

andrea said...

Loved the green tomato stories and picturing her as a gymnast. So cute!

carrie said...

too cute that she kissed the phone!