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Aug 25, 2008

India Chapter 2

Nomadic shepherds
Cows wandering the city
LOTS of traffic and crazy driving
This year Greg has also been to Europe, South America, and Mexico. He says India gave him the most culture shock, BY FAR.
Some things he noticed:
-men peeing on the street... everywhere
-cows walking down city streets
-busy intersections with aggressive drivers and absolutely no rules
-you had to argue about cab/rickshaw prices, otherwise you get ripped off
-delicious food (curry, Tangier chicken, etc.)
-Men holding hands- its a cultural thing
-one motorcycle carrying a family of four
-the scaffolding on construction sites was made of bamboo tied together with rope
-a sign that said "no spitting: it causes diseases"
-the power goes off hourly
-Indians seem to be a very happy, helpful people
There was a huge rainstorm and our entire basement flooded... AHHH! Greg was half a world a way and feeling pretty helpless. THANK YOU to our heroes, Ben and Jeremy, who helped me move heavy stuff and get all of the water out and also to Erika, who played with Clara while we worked. We were very lucky that the damage and expense was minimal. Most of our neighbors fared much worse.
We are so happy that Greg made it home safe and sound, and just a little sick. :) Hooray for Labor Day and a long weekend so we can make up for the time we didn't get together last week.


Team Harris said...

What a HORRIBLE thing to have happen while Greg was gone! I am glad every thing turned out okay. India sounds like a crazy place.

Chris and Karen said...

It always seems that something bad happend when the husband is gone. Sounds like Greg really wants to go back to India soon. Just kidding. Amazing race starts in a few weeks!!! yeah. can't wait

carrie said...

oh, so sorry to hear about the flooding! gotta say though, that's one of the things i love about being part of a ward "family", you had willing help! makes us feel not so alone, hopefully. hope things get back to normal soon. Ü

Natalie said...

So jealous of all the yummy food you ate. Even if it did make you sick.

The Normal Mormon Husband said...


How was the culture shock of India versus Magna, Utah?