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Aug 14, 2008

I am glad Tim Dagget is not my dad

I have been watching the Olympics this week and there is one thing that really bugs me. That thing is Tim Dagget. He is the announcer in gymnastics, and he is a gymnastic divo (male form of diva). Whenever there is something good going on or someone is having a olympic moment, there is Tim "Debbie Downer" Dagget to tell everyone what is wrong with the performance and how it could have been better.

Here is a perfect example:
Nastia Liukin just finished a great uneven bars.
2 other commentators: "Brilliant", "You will not see a higher score this Olympics"

Tim Dagget: "But it is not enough"
Thanks Tim.
Hey Tim, if I wanted to hear about the details of gymnastics, and how one should have .02 points deducted from their score because they did not point their pinky in the right place, then I would watch gymnastics more than just once every four years.

I would hate to be this guys son. Imagine coming home from school in first grade:
Son: "Dad, Dad, I just got A in my History test, the teacher has never given an A before."

Tim "I would have never won a gold in the team event had the Russians not boycotted the 84 games" Dagget: WHAT, YOU MISSED A QUESTION?!? HOW COULD YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN WHO WAS THE LAST CREDITABLE FEDERALIST CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT IN 1816 (answer is Rufus King)???
Here are a couple of Dagget moments from the olympics:
  • The Romanian women are struggling and their coach is trying to comfort them. Tim Dagget says: "The old coach would never hug the girls after such a horrible performance."

  • When a guy was doing a move that he was almost paralized doing a couple weeks before, Tim Dagget says: "He is not going to do it, He is not going to do it. (He does the move) I can't believe he did it, he has not been able to do that move for a long time. He has either messed up or chickened out the last couple times."

It makes me wish John Tesh was still doing the olympics.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree!! I wish sometimes that they would be a little more positive on the great routine for all of us to enjoy!


Natalie said...

Yikes. This guy sounds just as bad as Brandi Chastain when she announces the women's soccer games. Debbie Downer indeed. Wah Wah.

Team Harris said...

Weren't Nastia and Shawn AWESOME last night!??? GO USA!

Chris and Karen said...

John Tesh. . . ok really that was some of the worst commentating I ever remember at the olympics. BUt I would a gree on Tim Dagget. I loved watching the women thursday and am so glad Nastia won! Maybe tonight I will get to see some actual live events.

Anonymous said...

Our favorite line from John Tesh was..."That's gonna cost him the GOld!" Ask Greg, it became a favorite response to any mess up at our home for about 4 years.