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Aug 8, 2008

Summer of Sports

This summer I played on a YMCA soccer team with some friends. The league was supposed to be "co-ed," but most teams had zero girls on the field. I found myself running in circles and not being able to keep up with the stronger and faster men on the opposing teams. Since I wasn't contributing with my playing, at the end of the season I decided to contribute my husband, Greg, who scored 3 goals in the first game he played. Way to redeem our family, honey. Clara liked watching the games and by the end of the season had learned to say "soccer ball."

But... my other summer sport has been SO MUCH FUN!!!

I have been taking Tennis clinics... they are a blast and I hope to start playing in some beginner leagues this fall.

P.S. I am loving the Beijing Olympics... wasn't the opening ceremony awesome? Greg had to drag me away from the TV at midnight last night, while I was saying, "But they are about to talk about the US gymnasts with Bela Karolyi."


Natalie said...

You weren't the only one that couldn't keep up with the boys in our soccer games. Man that was a rough season. I kept hoping I would get better, but I don't think I did. Oh well. Glad Tennis is working out so well!

Chris and Karen said...

I so wish there were co-ed teams out hear. Yeah I agree on the Olympics. I just wish they would not be so late.

konils said...

Nicolle, I LOVE tennis too! I was on the team in high school, but haven't played much (actually the last time I played was when we were in Hawaii for Christmas in 2001!). We'll have to get Greg and Ron to watch the kids sometime when we are down there and you and I can go and play tennis!