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Apr 29, 2011

5 on Friday

1. Clara's preschool graduation... her last class with Ms. Shelley. After two wonderful years we were both feeling sad... Clara was even too sad to wear her cap. She cheered up for the super fun "after-party," though.
SJ didn't have a bad time, either.

2. Went to book club; this month we read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I really enjoyed it and especially fell in love with the character Huck, although I am glad I am a mother of girls and not rascally boys. This book also explains my questionable grammar, lately. (i.e.- I sent an email last week that said "What with all the pollen around.") I done liked the book!

3. Back to my regular work-outs after almost 2 weeks without being able to go to the gym because of sickness. It feels great to be sore!

4. Watched some of the royal wedding with the girls. Surprised myself by wanting to watch it and by getting a little (or a lot!) emotional. Love is a beautiful thing, and marriage IS ordained of God.

5. Greg turns in his last paper for his crazy semester, TONIGHT. Hallelujah! I have a dress rehearsal, tonight, and concerts this weekend. After this weekend, we'll never be busy again. HA!


Natalie said...

Uh Oh. Is Clara getting ready to get married too? Who is the luck guy?

shelley said...

we missed the wedding but watched "the kiss" this morning. i was surprised with myself too. i didn't think that i cared, but then watching the prince and the princess with my little girl was really fun. she said "princess kate" was beautiful! :)

ps - LOVE the picture of sarah jane, with me in the background stuffing my face! hahahahahaha! i'm STARVING!!! :)

Kari said...

I watched part of the wedding too - I agree - Marriage IS ordained of God. Loved her dress and Clara's veil! Good luck this weekend and congratulations on greg!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Clara! Congrats Greg!

Karen said...

Love the veil on Clara. I also love the sore feeling from the gym

diannealexan@gmail.com said...

Love seeing your family photos and hearing your news. Congrats to Greg on being DONE! Hope you have a healthy summer.