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Aug 19, 2011

FUN! 5 on Friday

We've been having way to much fun around here, lately. 

1.  I had 3 (count them, 1-2-3) girls nights out last week. 
1st:  tennis with Andrea (we won our traditional one match for the season)
2nd:  went to see the movie The Help with book club... loved the book and highly recommend it
3rd:  out for Japanese to celebrate Shelley's 30th b-day

2.  Now, don't you worry about Greg... he's been having plenty of fun, too.  Playing golf for "work," playing basketball, soccer, and this weekend is going to the PGA Tournament TWICE (once for "work")!  Wow... life is going to be so leisurly now that he is finished with that MBA! 

 3.  Greg also cashed in his Father's Day present this week... our dear friend Natalie watched the girls ALL DAY so I could go with him to the Whitewater Center in Charlotte.  We rafted and ziplined to our heart's content. 

See?  I told you... WAY to much fun around here.

4.  Some other recent photos... Clara helping me peel shrimp.  She is really good at it!
 5.  Notice anyone new to our mantel?  We and some of our friends have a contest each season of NBC's Amazing Race to pick the order each team will place.  I won last season, and this roaming gnome is my prize. Aren't you jealous?


shelley said...

totally jealous. now that i know where that gnome is hanging out, you'd better hide him or he is GONE the next time i come over. i've been coveting that gnome for 3 years now, and if i can't win him legitimately, then i'm not beneath stealing him!!!!!

Andrea said...

So glad I could participate in ALL THREE of your girls nights out with you! What a great week. And I'm totally stealing your picture from Yamato. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I want your life! (Okay, maybe not all of it, but the fun part for sure) You guys deserve all the fun in the world.

Kari said...

I love the gnome! SOunds like you guy ARE having tons of fun but isn't that what life is all about! Congrats on Greg again!

Natalie said...

I want my gnome back! I have been missing him! And yes you guys are having way to much fun. How about we come over and trash your house and leave with out cleaning up? Oh wait we already did that. Sorry! Glad to see the Sherwoods enjoying the summer!

carrie said...

So behind on blog reading, and so jealous of the gnome.