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Aug 21, 2011

You Have Been Chopped

Your challenge is to create a dish, using the 4 mystery ingredients, within the 30 minute time limit. 


Natalie "miso sassy" Harris
David "give me all your plates" Harris

Mystery ingredients:  prosciutto, asparagus, egg noodles, and miso paste

Finished product: 
(Natalie) miso, prosciutto, asparagus, and crunchy egg  noodle pizza
(David) some prosciutto on a crepe (ran out of time to finish his prosciutto, asparagus, egg noodle crepes with miso sauce)

Winner:  Natalie

Bridget "I'll do all of the dishes" Nelson
Kip "is that a tomato or a red pepper?" Nelson

Ingredients:  spinach pasta, pork tenderloin, "kickin hot" peanut butter, eggplant

Finished product:
(Bridget) breaded pork over roasted vegetables and pasta
(Kip) Pork Jambalaya

Winner:  Kip

Nicolle "let me read the directions" Sherwood
Greg "how do you chop up a mango?" Sherwood

(sidenote:  this photo describes our entire married life... Nicolle reading the directions and Greg jumping right in) Ha!

Ingredients:  phyllo dough, fresh mango, cinnamon, and marshmallows
Finished product: 
(Greg) mango/marshmallow/cinnamon ice cream with a phyllo dough dipper
(Nicolle)- s'more's pastry (phyllo dough filled with graham crackers, nutella, marshmallows, cinnamon) and mango/strawberry frozen custard.

Winner:  Nicolle

A photo of the champions...

This was the funnest get-together we've had in a long time.  (Yes, we are nerds)  :)


andrea said...

That looks so fun! And you guys came up with some great recipes.

Natalie said...

I love the nicknames! Ha ha ha. We had a blast!

A Hunter said...

We love that show! What a great idea. And you are so brave to do that in your own kitchen!